Southwest canterbury report

Fur seal / kekeno

The fur seal / kekeno is a mammal and hunts it prey at night when the fish and squid move closer to the surface. The fur seal's eyes are well suited for seeing underwater and in low light conditions.

1. Why were fur seals hunted ?
A: The Maori hunted kekeno for meat, skins for clothing and for their teeth.

2.How did the maori catch the fur seal ?
A: The maori caught the fur seals while they were lying on the beach when they were asleep and threw a net over them.

3.How would the fur seal hunt and catch their food ?
A: Fur Seal hunting, or sealing, is the personal or commercial hunting of  fur Seals .

4.What did the maori use the fur seal for?
A: The maori used the fur seal for the fur.
5.Why did the Maori hunt the fur seal when there were other animals for them to hunt?  A: The Maori hunted the fur seal for its fur to make clothing Meat for food and teeth for fishing hooks.

The fur seal is a majestic marine animal and overall they should not have been hunted. Thanks for listening

By Jack & Liam. 😃 😀  

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